Hope Alive Belgium


  1. Do you feel...

  2. depressed? dispirited? angry?  neglected? abandoned? rejected?  discouraged?

  3. that..

  4. you have no right to be alive?

  5. life has no meaning?

  6. tragedies are repeated in your life?

  7. Do you...

  8. cry for no apparent reason?

  9. have difficulty relating to children?

  10. have uncontrollable feelings of rage?

  11. have disturbing dreams?

  12. Are you...

  13. afraid to love or be loved?

  14. afraid of commitment?

All the above (& many other) difficulties may be attributed to:

  1. 1Child Abuse & Neglect

  2. 2Pregnancy Loss Syndrome

  3. 3Pregnancy Loss Survivor Syndrome

Many men and women have been deeply damaged by these issues.  Hope Alive group counselling facilitates the healing of adults and their families.

Hope Alive Belgium belongs to the International Hope Alive Counsellors Association